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[NextTale 1st Anniversary] CONTEST - CLOSED
OwlieB and me are now going to die to find the winners omg. It's gonna be hard.

Some of you may have followed the comic since the beginning and, yup, the 13th of March it would be one year. *u* So I decided to oppen a contest from today to the 10th of March, and I'll announce the winners the day of NextTale's anniversary. OwlieB will help me to choose them and I hope you'll be many to give a try! >u< ♥

"What can I do for the contest?"

• ANYTHING YOU WANT! You can draw a scene from the comic or the characters you like the most, or imagine a new scene, or do a comic! You can also animate, make a cake, write a fanfiction, do a video or a song or I don't know... A N Y T H I N G! We'll reward creativity and originality. *^*
"What is the deadline?"
• You have from today to the 10th of Mar
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RenakoDream's Profile Picture
Renako. ☾
♆ Renako, 20 years old. ♚ French from Paris. ▬ I love to draw a lot. ☾

My english sucks, I'm so sorry. ;~;

You can follow me on twitter ;
  • Rules :
  • 1. Post these rules.
  • 2. Post 8 facts about your character.
  • 3. Tag 8 others characters.

Tagged by Niutellat. :bademoticon: 

1. She have a little sister ; Melody and a little brother ; Blair.
2. She arrived in the underground when it's night, she not saw Flowey or Toriel, Papyrus is her "savior".
3. Papyrus cut her hair when she's arrived in the undergroung.
4. She had the color of eye of her dad.
5. She call Blair "Blairy" or "My little flower".
6. She really hate Hotland, Alphys move on Snowdin for talk with her.
7. Her bestfriend is Mettaton, she really like him.
8. She secretly had a crush on her bestfriend.

Tag 8 people... I'M SO SORRY.

• SpringBelleBunny 
• Bakagummi
• DeterminedBurito 
• SkippyMyn 
• xXFireStarryXx
• HarukotheHedgehog
• EdgyPast3l
• Kakeinmadness


My entry for Niutellat contest !! ;v; 
My little Blairy need some much love. Pikachu Crying Plz 
I hope you like it. ♥
(Happy Birthday Nexttale ♥)
Undertale Meme
Hi. owo/ 

I've done this (please don't hate me bc i've played the genocide route 100 times :()

Blank meme belong to KokoKiero >w<


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You are a very honest,kind,lovely person.
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you're welcome, dear!
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SuperUndertale Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
1. What drawing tablet do you use?
2. Can you draw Chara with huge boobs?
RenakoDream Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
1. Wacom intuos pro 
2. No sorry, Chara is a chlid for me haha, i can't draw her/him with huge boobs. 
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